Facebook Cover Photo Change Fiasco

Since becoming a member of Facebook, I have come to really enjoy the benefits of this social media giant, but there are some less than appealing traits that come with it, ones that I have not been liking so much.

Recently I have been dealing with a cover photo war of sorts. Over the past few days, I have been trying to change my cover photo. But no matter what I do, it doesn’t work. I have tried uploading saved photos from the program iPhoto . I have uploaded them (visible on to myself only) to my page/timeline. I have even added these photos to some albums. But no matter where I choose these photos from, I get one of two messages: either that the photo is too big for the cover section, or that it is too small.

I could understand this message if it wasn’t for the fact that I have received it for the same photo. Oh, I also googled these photos that fit the description for the required size of a cover photo. If someone doesn’t know what the size is, it should be at least 400×150.

I have done everything I can, and even roped my roommate into trying to help but nothing will work. I seem to but just stuck with a selection of a few older cover photos to choose for the rest of eternity.

If anyone has any tips, secret ninja moves, or real life stories/advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I love that I am studying social media and communication for college, but I just wish that these programs and social sites would be a bit friendlier.


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